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The Dressing Room Hair Spa is a place where high quality hair treatment services are delivered on a First Class level. Known for our "5 Star Hair Therapy Experience", we confidently claim the title of a Hair Spa instead of the traditional hair salon because we offer a treatment experience that is upscale, relaxing, and personal. At The Dressing Room, we see all of our clients as celebrity clients that deserve the V.I.P. treatment; and our mission is for you to leave feeling like a million dollars.


Upon your arrival at The Dressing Room, you will be able to begin your Hair Spa Treatment Experience at your appointed time; no waiting for an overbooked stylist to finish several other clients before finally getting to you. Not only that, but The Dressing Room is a "private treatment suite" designed to provide a one-on-one V.I.P. experience between you and your Hair Therapist; no crowded salon with an audience surrounding you. You will also have the luxury of enjoying amenities such as complimentary wifi, refreshments, specialty beverages, massage bed, spa music, and more. Lastly, you are being serviced by a top rated, caring, hair care expert that holds your 100% complete satisfaction, as well as the best health of your hair at the top of her priority list.

The Dressing Room Hair Spa is a natural hair care based hair spa, specializing in Hair Therapy and Texture Transformations. If you've ever felt like there's no one out there that really knows how to work with your curls, The Dressing Room is your solution. Women come from near and far to The Dressing Room to get their natural curls, coils, kinks, and waves pampered & treated, replenished & restored, maintained & tamed, smoothed & relaxed, and blown & pressed out. Due to our strong stance on healthy hair, as well as our specialty and focus being on natural hair care, we do not perform extension services, bleaching services, or any harsh chemical services that compromise the overall health of your hair. If your hair has sustained injury due to excessive wear of extensions, chemical mistreatment, neglect, or anything else, we gladly offer HAIR THERAPY~90 Day Restoration Programs to revive your natural hair.


Our focus is TREATING and STYLING and CARING for your tresses.


Our signature Hair Spa~Blow & Silk Treatment

 Meet your Hair Therapist 

Tequita Morgan

Hair Therapist

Fun Facts about Tequita

1) One of my top life goals is to travel the world.

2) If I'm not working, I'm spending time w/ family. 

3) I'm also an inspirational author with two books.

As a 17 year GA Licensed Master Cosmetologist, Tequita is still in love with being a beauty professional. It's not just a title or piece of paper for her, it's a calling and a genuine passion. She sometimes jokes about unsuccessfully attempting to run from her calling a few times, and how each time made it more apparent that she's right where she belongs. When asked when her dream of  being in the hair industry was realized, her answer is that her dream was born with her, because as far back as her memory takes her, she has aspired to do hair. Who she is today began over 30 years ago in her room with herself and several dolls playing "beauty shop" for hours.
Her official step into the world of Cosmetology began in 2002 as she pursued her professional license at Chattahoochee Technical College. While still in school, she had the privilege of being an assistant to a successful local salon owner, which fueled her dream of one day becoming a "beautypreneur" herself. Upon completion of Cosmetology School, her journey began and over the years she gained many wonderful and challenging experiences that she says made her the professional that she is today. Tequita also explored more than hair and decided to add Makeup Artistry, Skincare Consulting, and Beauty Educating to her resume in 2010. Besides working behind the chair, she has worked several fashion shows, weddings, and photoshoots; as well as sharing her beauty expertise with other industry professionals.
In July 2017, Tequita's ultimate dream came true when she stepped into the place she knew she was always meant to be.
She got the keys to her first salon suite, and that's when The Dressing Room was birthed and Tequita was able to put on her beauty boss suit, as not only an independent stylist but also salon owner. She says that the greatest part of owning her salon business has been how much she's learned about herself that she didn't know of beforehand. She is now happily and confidently able to offer her clients the first class level of professionalism and service that they deserve. Not only that, she is positioned to build the legacy for her family that she's always dreamed of.
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