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Welcome to The Dressing Room Hair Spa!

"The 5 Star Healthy Hair Spa where HAIR THERAPY is our specialty!"

Why The Dressing Room?

Here at THE DRESSING ROOM HAIR SPA in north Atlanta,



optimum HAIR & SCALP HEALTH is what we stand for.


We provide luxury hair & scalp treatment services, the V.I.P. way. Known for our 5 Star Hair Spa Experience, The Dressing Room Hair Spa is a private "treatment suite" for women to come experience relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration.

You are given the ultimate celebrity treatment, and our goal is for you to leave feeling like a million dollars. 


Every Hair Spa Treatment Experience includes a deep cleansing shampoo and very relaxing Scalp Massage, plus our luxurious Hair Spa Steam Therapy, then completed with our signature

Hair Spa Blow & Silk Treatment.

Whether it's pampering, deep treatment, or restoration that you need; be prepared for the ultimate Spa Experience for your hair & scalp.


If you know that your hair is your crown that you never take off,

and therefore worthy of investing in, YOU are invited to

The Dressing Room Hair Spa where we care for your hair .

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